I cannot believe how having a personal trainer has changed my life. Having a personal trainer is so much more than exercising. I have regular health checks, exercise programmes, information about diet, nutrition, sleep and email contact if I need advice in between sessions. I now know how to do each of the exercises properly, so I am not putting undue pressure on my back, knees or other joints. But most of all having a personal trainer has given me motivation to keep myself fit and in shape and confidence in myself. Having a personal trainer has pushed me to new limits. I am lifting weights I did not think I'd ever be capable of lifting. Having a personal trainer has transformed my life! At 57, I feel and look far better than I ever have. I have lost weight and sustained the loss. I am the fittest I have ever been.

My personal trainer, Alan Urquhart, is such an amazing guy. He focuses on his clients and is genuinely interested in each one of them. He loves his job and never once have I seen him frustrated or impatient. He listens to me and asks for my views and contributions. After 3+ years with  him, he probably knows me better than I know myself. He knows how to motivate me and encourages me to stretch and push myself. He is full of knowledge about nutrition and health which we regularly discuss. I owe a lot to Alan. I don't think I would have become so focused on and committed to exercise and fitness if it were not for him.


After receiving ACL reconstruction on my knee, (an injury received from playing Roller Derby) 6 months of recovery / physiotherapy and no exercise for 8 months prior to injury, I was ready to start back at the gym. With a basic knowledge of cardio and weight training, I was apprehensive to go alone after I was released from physiotherapy and still being in recovery, I was in fear of aggravating the knee. Alan Urquhart was the trainer who stood out the most for me, especially given his experience dealing with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

My goal when I started with Alan was to get back to full contact training for Roller Derby, to work on building strength for the knee and to make me a stronger player, physically. Not only am I back to full contact training after 4 months of working with Alan, I play in my first competitive game in a few weeks time. The training plans that Alan supplies me are enjoyable and this keeps me motivated. Nutrition is another area he excels in; his advice and support in nutrition helps me with my training goals. Alan is patient, understanding, supportive and approachable. While being professional, he can still have a good laugh!

Alan's knowledge and years of experience have been invaluable in getting me back on track! Book a session, you will not be disappointed!


From my very first session, it was obvious that Alan's main priority was the needs of his client. I did not have a specific target to meet or goal to reach but I wanted to be fitter and more toned. Alan explored my food diary and quickly realised I was not eating enough. He took the time to explain to me the benefits of eating more and encouraged me to try new foods that were good at building up my calories, that wouldn't make me gain a lot of weight. At that time I had an unhealthy relationship with food and he worked hard with me. There was a time I was in a bad place with food and I emailed Alan. He took the time to send me a lengthy reply even though he was busy and it helped me immensely.

I have had over 100 workout sessions with Alan and can honestly say that because each and every one is tailored to my needs, I have enjoyed them all (if there's something that doesn't work for me then we won't do them again) but that's not just to do with the exercise - we have had a lot of laughs between exercises and he indulges me in my two favourite topics of conversations - football and weather!!

I would recommend Alan 110% as a PT. He is excellent at his job; he cares about his clients and wants the best for us all.


I have been training with Alan for 5 years now and can honestly say I look forward to my weekly PT session. It is refreshing to come across somebody who truly cares about their profession and their clients. The fact that Alan has been in the fitness industry for 19 years is evident and I like the fact that he is keen to extend his knowledge and continues to study and attend courses and I have never managed to catch him out yet with a fitness question or fact and not for lack of trying! I am probably one of Alan's mature clients and I can honestly say that I never expected to be able to complete and enjoy the weight training and manage the lifts at my age, a young 58! I most certainly wouldn't have attempted or known my capabilities without Alan's expertise and guidance. I particularly like the after care information and incentives that Alan sends out to all his clients and he is always happy to personalise training programmes/dietary plans, goals, tips or any fitness related enquiries you may have. Would I recommend him? Without hesitation, great value for money, quite a dry sense of humour but above all, a true professional and I'd like to think after all this time a friend too. My main goal is to continue training for as long as I possibly can, along with Alan's coaching, enthusiasm and dedication.


I started with Alan in a bold bid to fight back against the beer belly. I used to visit the gym ad hoc and troddle along on a treadmill - fairly samey-samey stuff, so it was difficult to keep motivated, and it wasn't really getting me anywhere. Alan took those monotonous gym visits and turned them into hour long sessions of admittedly gruelling hard work, but always with plenty of variety to keep up a strong element of fun! With a repertoire of hundreds of exercises, covering everything from core, to strength, to cardio (boxing - didn't see myself doing that!), the gym is now fun again, and with this new found motivation, what started as a fairly average and slightly plump office worker is now in the top fitness category of a Cooper Run Test! I've never felt fitter and healthier, which obviously spills into all other aspects of life, right down to general happiness and the ability to focus at work. For this reason, I can really vouch for the value for money, and the fact I've been with Alan for years is testament to that.


After working out at the gym on my own for a few months, I realised I was making very little progress. That's when I approached Alan, and I'm so glad I did. Alan was great at finding out exactly what I wanted to achieve. He identified both my weak areas and my strengths, then devised a workout plan and gave me nutritional advice that would help me to achieve my goals.

I have met with Alan once a week for the last 2 years and I have seen a great improvement in my general fitness levels. My physical appearance also continues to change and improve thanks to the fun and interesting workouts he devises which keep me motivated. Alan is great at encouraging you to go that little bit further than you might on your own, and his knowledge and understanding has helped me to achieve so much more than I would have without his help.

I would recommend Alan to anyone looking to lose weight, improve their general health and fitness or to tone up or bulk up, you will not be disappointed.


I started with Alan in Aberdeen in August 2016 with a number of goals in mind namely: - (1) vanity: lose some weight for an upcoming wedding suit fitting and (2) develop a more sustainable approach to training and nutrition and work towards a return to my target weight of 14st.

Since commencing weekly PT sessions with Alan, I have gained a better appreciation of the importance of nutrition and food quality as well as an enhanced understanding to the importance of strength training to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. It hasn't been all plain sailing but Alan has been very supportive by providing regular reviews of my food tracker and pointers to navigate me back on course. Despite having a lot of past exposure to training and gym routines, Alan's PT sessions were fresh and continually pushed me to my limits.


When I started with Alan, I weighed over 100 kg and desperately needed to trim up. Alan has been very supportive throughout. He helped me get used to the gym conditions by providing light and simple workout sessions initially and then gradually intensified it. This helped me to enjoy the things I am doing rather than considering it as an extra effort.

Apart from support in the workout sessions, Alan constantly advised me on my diet. So, I was always able to maintain a balance between how much I eat and how much I work out. With all my efforts and the invaluable support and guidance from Alan, I lost more than 15 kg in the first 4 months. I can, without any doubt, say that this wouldn't have been possible without Alan's support. Cheers Alan for all the help.


As I have Osteoporosis I was advised to go to a gym, however I found I was concerned that I might have hurt myself, or made things worse. I approached Alan and found him very patient, giving me confidence and encouragement to push myself to lift weights I never would have done. Although I didn't need to lose weight, I am more toned and my balance has also improved. My nutrition has also improved, I thought I was eating enough/healthy but have learned so much from Alan, I would highly recommend him.


I began training with Alan after my previous PT left Aberdeen. I had been training with my first PT for over a year so it was a daunting thought moving to a different PT because you become accustomed to how your current PT trains. However, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Training with Alan is fun. He is great at gauging what level of fitness you are currently at, and therefore what you are capable of doing. Alan has been able to push me to limits I never imagined I was capable of. Signing up with a PT was the best idea I've had! If you train with Alan, you're guaranteed to achieve any goals you set yourself, will have fun and banter doing it, as long as you're prepared to work hard.


I have always wanted to increase my strength and muscle size, but struggle to motivate myself. I started training with Alan, as I thought getting a PT would help with my motivation issues. Alan's expertise has really helped me progress. Alan also provided excellent dietary advice, which not only helped me in my time at the gym, but made me feel less tired in day to day life. I couldn't recommend Alan as a PT highly enough.


Alan is very competent as a personal trainer. I've been training with him focusing on posture correction. I've asked hundreds of questions about proper techniques and Alan was always able to explain it clearly and correct me if I was doing something that will potentially cause an injury. Alan would also show me alternative ways of working the same group of muscles and explain ways of progression. I've made good progress in the time we've trained together and I'm also more confident to exercise on my own. Alan is easy to communicate with and responds to personal issues and targets; I'd certainly train with Alan again and can recommend him with no hesitation.


I have both trained with Alan and attended a weight loss class led by him. During training, Alan made me feel very comfortable (impressive given how ridiculous I am at the gym) and was very knowledgeable. I learnt a lot during the 6 week weight loss course, although Alan was equally as helpful in helping me with my under eating. Finally, and maybe most importantly, he always cheers up any gym visit with a cheery wave.


Two words spring to mind: conscientious and caring, which describes Alan's approach to his craft. I learned so much in a short time. I highly recommend Alan to solve your unique fitness needs.


Having only worked with Alan for a short period of time I've noticed the difference immediately. His knowledge and enthusiasm in training is contagious, and he has pushed me to make major improvements, not only in the gym, but also lifestyle changes. I'd highly recommend Alan to anyone looking either to improve, or just to get started.