PB:Training Classes

Enjoy working out on the beach and meet new people with PB:Training group exercise classes. Improve your upper body and lower body strength, address muscle imbalance, burn those calories to keep a good bodyweight, and strengthen that core.

Circuit Training

Improve your fitness, condition your body and burn fat. Rotate through the stations that include kettlebells, sandbags, the agility ladder, power bags, and much more.

Strength & Conditioning

Improve strength and posture to feel good, look good, and prevent injury. Using weighted sandbags and bodyweight exercises to work those muscles.

Fat Burn

High Intensity Interval Training designed to burn lots of calories. Using bodyweight exercises and fun drills we will work you hard to see results.


Focus on strengthening up and toning the stomach and lower back muscles. To lose the fat in this area, attend a circuits, fat burn, bootcamp, or running intervals class. 



07:15 -8:15 Strength & Conditioning

10:00-10:45 Circuit Training

10:45-11:15 Abs


10:00-10:45 Fat Burn

10:45-11:15 Abs

19:30-20:15 Strength & Conditioning

PB:Training Classes

€7 - Single Class

€4 - Single Abs Class

€30 - Unlimited Monthly PB:Training Classes


PB:Training Testimonials


The classes are great and the atmosphere is amazing! I highly recommend it if you want to get fit in a fun way, enjoying the beautiful scenery Barcelona has to offer and meeting some really great people in the process. Alan is an amazing coach with great knowledge of technique and physical exercise. 


Alan's classes and nutrition advice have helped me get real results in jut a few weeks. I am now fitter and leaner than when I started. The sessions are varied and challenging and the venue is perfect. Highly recommended!


I love our weekly classes, I’m a busy Mum of a 2 year old girl, so the time that I do get free to exercise it’s important to me that I enjoy myself at the same time! Alan is such a great trainer, who really cares about your personal goals. He always takes the time to ensure you get the technique and form of all the exercises correct. His classes are fun with a great bunch of people and his classes are fantastic value for money also. I highly recommend him.


Alan's training classes are fun and brutal, which is just what I want! I only go 2-3 times a week, but I can see notable differences in strength and appearance after only 2 or 3 months. The best part is the atmosphere - it's just relaxed and chilled and there's none of the überbro 'beastmode' vibe that's pretty popular on the beach but not my jam at all!


Love our classes! Feel very energised after! Alan always motivate us! He is a great teacher and always explain the technique of each exercise. Each class is different, which makes training always exciting! A lot of classes to choose from makes it suitable for everyone! Great place to meet new people and workout while visiting or living in Barcelona! 


Las clases de PB:training MUY recomendables! El entrenador se adapta a nivel de cada uno y varía los entrenos según el estado físico de la persona. Además el tiempo pasa volando en una compañía divertida. Bonus: se puede practicar inglés