PB:Running specialises in interval training. Runners know that interval training will help improve those personal best times but no one likes to do it alone! Join a class and be coached through interval training with an experienced coach and in the company of like-minded runners.



18:30-19:15 Beginner Running Intervals

19:30-20:30 Running Intervals


07:15-08:15 Strength & Conditioning


18:30-19:15 Beginner Running Intervals

19:30-20:30 Running Intervals


07:15-08:00 Running Intervals

19:30-20:15 Strength & Conditioning


10:00-11:00 Running Intervals

PB:Running Classes

€7 - Single Class

€20 - Unlimited Monthly PB:Running Interval Classes only

€30 - Unlimited classes including Strength & Conditioning


PB:Running Testimonials


I hate running and yet, I show up on all Alan's classes, even on Saturday mornings. It costs me a lot of effort and energy to accomplish every interval, but the feeling of satisfaction after is definitely worth it. Alan is a great motivator, always giving you support, advice and encouraging you to push your limits. The improvement I see in my speed and resistance makes me wanna fight for every second. The trainings are very diverse, so you can't get bored and the atmosphere is also a big plus. Thanks Alan!


Interval training with Alan is awesome - I'm faster, have more stamina, and much more confidence running. The sessions are hard, no doubt, but they push you to do something that's great for your running that you might not do alone. Alan's a great trainer and the group atmosphere is lovely. All the stars!


Thanks to Alan I finished two half marathons. 3 months before I couldn’t run more than 5k. I’d totally recommend him. 


I can definitely recommend Alan's Running Club! I've never done interval training before, but joining Alan's interval running sessions has shown me that even I (who just started running a bit as to stay in shape and who hasn't really believed that she could actually get better at it) can do more than expected - even increasing my running speed! The training has definitely  shown me that there's some untapped potential in me, and that gives me the motivation to keep on working on my technique and speed (unfortunately without Alan's coaching because I've only been in Barcelona for a five weeks). Plus, just seeing Alan with his clipboard and stop watch when he shouts out your lap time makes you feel like a true professional ;) .


Alan's classes are a fantastic way to improve speed - combined with his coaching I've seen a big improvement in my HM pace over a fairly short time. I'm looking forward to seeing how much more improvement Alan can help me find! 


Alan is great at what he does and that's to make you a faster, stronger runner. I've seen an enormous improvement in my speed so far and it's a fun way to meet new people! 


I started with Running club four months ago with the main objective to train 5 K and I am really happy. I am improving my qualities and I have been to able to meet very nice people!


I did Alan's classes for a couple of months and saw a massive improvement in my overall running! In two months I went from being able to just about run 2km to doing 6.5km with ease. Highly recommend.


I joined Alan's personal training for 3 months. In that time he made me so fast. I couldn't believe that I could run 10 km in less than 1 hour. Woohoo!